About Us

Hi I’m Reena! I’m originally from Penang, Malaysia and moved to Singapore 15 years ago to begin my career. My husband and I love traveling the world. Our first trip together was to Bali, and it has remained our favorite go-to destination ever since.

Bali is known as being a feast for the mind, body and spirit with stunning landscapes and authentic Balinese culture. Trendy beach clubs and boutique shopping line the streets of Seminyak, but go beyond the tourist hotspots and you’ll find traditional villages with skilled craftspeople and artisans. It’s there where you can find some of the world’s best silversmiths and leather artisans. Bali is also a hotbed of entrepreneurship, and our latest offering from Ananda Soul is a Bali-based brand owned by women and focused on sustainability, cultural representation and female empowerment.

I’m lucky that I get to spend my days with our adorable labradoodle, Sydney, who loves to sit by my side while I work. I’m also loving the flexibility of working from home, as it allows me to spend quality time with our energetic 4-year old son when he's not in preschool. It's just as important to savour that "me time" which I enjoy by being able to go to the gym in the middle of the day when it’s less crowded and working from a coffee house when I need a change of scenery.

You’re probably wondering why I named my business Gaya Chic. Quite simply, “Gaya” translates into “style” in the native Bahasa language of Malaysia and Indonesia. At Gaya Chic, our mission is to bring you the best styles of handmade jewelry, leather handbags and shoes from Bali. We specialize in sterling silver and gold plated jewelry designs with semi-precious gemstones and seashells. Our genuine leather shoes and hand bags are also handmade in Bali and are of excellent quality. We offer an assortment of both modern and traditional designs influenced by global trends, nature and Balinese culture. Everything we sell is comfortable, lightweight and versatile.

We also strive to support ethical, fair trade practices and personally visit our silversmiths and suppliers in Bali. Crafted with genuine materials and excellent workmanship, the sterling silver used in our jewelry has a minimum silver content of 92.5% and is both nickel and lead free. As part of our focus on sustainability, we have made a conscious decision to not sell any jewelry containing coral or bone. We’re also proud to share that the sterling silver used in our Ananda Soul necklaces is sourced from certified recycled silver, which reduces our environmental impact by relying less on mined minerals.

Our jewelry, handbags and shoes are handcrafted using natural materials making each piece individually unique. This means you’ll enjoy both nature’s beauty and her slightest imperfections in our products, which why we love them too. It’s also worth noting that sterling silver will tarnish over time, but you can slow down this process by storing your jewelry in an air tight container. We recommend using a polishing cloth to remove the tarnish, but if you like the vintage look you can leave it there.

Most importantly, we assure that each of our handpicked items are stunning and guarantee your total satisfaction.