Q: What does Gaya Chic mean? 

A: The word "Gaya" translates to "Style" in Bahasa Malaysia / Indonesia. At Gaya Chic we take pride in selling stylish and trendy handmade accessories that will answer your fashion needs.


Q: Why should you purchase from us? 

A: We place very high importance in the quality of our products. All of our jewelry are sterling silver with a 92.5% minimum silver content and are both nickle and lead free. Our leather handbags are made from 100% genuine leather and are handcrafted by the careful hands of master artisans. 

As part of our commitment to sustainability, we have made a conscience decision to not sell any jewelry containing coral or bone. Our jewelry is handcrafted using natural materials making each piece individually unique. This means you’ll enjoy both nature’s beauty and her slightest imperfections in our products.

Since we only use genuine materials, our earrings will not cause irritation to the ears for those who are sensitive to fake silver. Our earrings are comfortable to wear and lightweight, but also well constructed and extremely versatile. We will also provide a free silver polishing cloth with each earring purchase.


Q: How do I take good care of my earrings?

A: Sterling silver will tarnish over time. Tarnish develops as a chemical reaction through air (although direct contact with substances that contain sulfur will also cause tarnish). To avoid or to slow this down, please store your jewelry in an air tight container or bag if you are not wearing it. Do not fret as we will be providing a polishing cloth together with all of your purchases to remove any tarnish. All you have to do is gently wipe your jewelry with this cloth and it will look brand new. Or, if you like the vintage look, you can leave the tarnish in place to achieve a naturally weathered appearance.

Please handle your Gaya Chic jewelry with care and avoid contact with perfume, lotion, water, pool / sea water and cleaning products.


Q: What can I do if the item I want is sold out? 

A: Please send an email to info@gayachic.com with the product name and we'll contact you when the product is back in stock.


Q: What payment method can I use? 

A: We use both the Shopify payment gateway and PayPal to process payment. Visa, MasterCard and American Express credit cards are accepted in addition to Apple Pay and PayPal. Apple Pay can only be used with Safari browser and iPhone.