You can’t buy fame, but you can buy handmade

In today’s insta-culture every person, place and thing seems to be boomeranged online for friends, family and world to see. We seek to share in exchange for likes, emojis and comments, but at the end of the day what we’re ultimately looking for is attention or perhaps a nod of approval. Never before have we had so many avenues to achieve this, and the instant access is fueling our desire to seek new ways to stand out, be unique and make our individual mark on the virtual world.

The trend towards originality and individuality is leading people to relook at how they shop, where they shop and what they buy. Big box retailers selling me-too items are out. Instead, savvy shoppers are now following blogs and influencers, shopping online and seeking customized or limited run products. This shift in purchasing behavior is one of the key reasons why customers are now actively seeking handmade products.

In a world where most items are mass produced, handmade products are rapidly growing in popularity as customers seek greater individuality, better quality and a more personal brand connection. We care more deeply about the origins of what we buy and we take pride knowing that we not only support an individual artisan but also their family, small business and broader community. Traditional craft skills are once again acknowledged, cherished and preserved for future generations.

They say giving handmade items is the true essence of gift-giving. Why not consider a handmade product and give a gift back to society at the same time?